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China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is designated as OEM for Lafarge and also maintain long-term cooperation with SINOMA. Main product of our textile division are industrial filter bags,Air Slide Fabrics,Needle Punched Felt,Bulk Loading Bellow ,Cement Bulk Bag and so on.They have been directly or indirectly used in hundreds of cement production lines worldwide. China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is also the leader of cement auxiliary machinery industry in CHINA.


  • Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

    Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

  • Needle punched felts

    Needle punched felts

  • baghouse bags

    baghouse bags

  • Cement Bulk Bag

    Cement Bulk Bag

  • air slide fabrics

    air slide fabrics

PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows


Pvc Clinker Hooper Bellows are usually made of two sets of inner and outer cylinders, the inner cylinder for the packaging, the outer cylinder for dust. With wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long-lasting practical, and has a large amount of delivery, breathable uniform, anti-static and so on..



Pvc Clinker Hooper Bellows can not only transport dust, but also for cement bulk machine cement transport, crop (corn, wheat, soybean) particles transport and transportation. Can also be used in industrial dust, and the product takes up a small space, no noise at work.

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Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

Depending on the customer`s request, we can offer Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow made of different raw materials, in various grades of airpermeability and thickness, depending on the application.Click here to download the product description

Specifications: PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows, Canvas Bellows, Open truck loading bellow; The loading bellow of cement bulk machine is used for all kinds of dry ash in bulk.

  • Loading Bellow

    Loading Bellow

  • Truck Loading Bellow

    Truck Loading Bellow

  • Open truck loading bellow

    Open truck loading bellow

  • Canvas Bellows

    Canvas Bellows

  • PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows

    PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows

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air slide fabric

Depending on the customer‘s request, we can offer airslide fabrics made of different raw materials, in various grades of airpermeability and thickness, depending on the application

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Loading Bellows (Open truck loading bellow) is one of our products.More than 100 world-renowned companies such as Lafarge, TCC and other selected our products.

China Sunrise Machinery (CSM)is a professional cement equipment manufacturing enterprise. We were named one of the "China Machinery Industry's Most Famous Brands”. All the cement machinery products have passed three standard embraced in one system, consisted of ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. Five types of the products have get European CE certification, meanwhile it owns about 30 patented products &high-tech products.

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Cement Plant Bulk Loading Bellow

China Sunrise Machinery(CSM) is a professional Open truck loading bellow, Canvas Bellows, PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows development and production enterprise. We guaranteed our superior resolve solutions and technique services for all kinds of customers.


   We are PVC Clinker Hopper Bellows suppliers of Sinoma, KHD, China building materials. We maintain a long-term stable supply relationship with the famous cement plant power plant.


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